As much as I want to say it's all my idea to get this website up and running, I cannot take the credit.

It belongs to my oldest son, Leyton.

I'd been a creative-type my entire life. For years, I'd been a choreographer for various high school and collegiate dance teams, teaching master dance classes to dance studios at conventions. Had my kids not come into my life, I'd probably still be traveling across the country and creating dance pieces.

My son, Leyton, was born in 2014. When he was three years old, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Inevitably, we added some therapies to our schedule. After working with some amazing speech and occupational therapists, I began to learn some new and creative ways of working with and communicating to Leyton.

I'm lucky to say I have parents who BOTH work in education, with backgrounds in special education. With their help, our family was able to navigate the world of regimented routines, visual aids, IEPs, and all that comes with autism. I know many people are not as fortunate. Nothing feels better than learning new ways to connect with your children. So that's why we are here, sharing what little we're learning day by day with you.

Thanks for joining us. If you have any requests for resources, please feel free to

let us know.


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