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Today started off as any other day. Found our school routine. Had a very compliant kid (just this one lol, the other is grumpiest in the mornings😂). We all had hopes for the day.

Lunch time came. I sent the kids upstairs for naps and quiet reading.

I sat down.

I couldn’t get up.

Oh crap.

My eye keeps twitching.

My legs feel like giant water balloons.

My feet feel like they were unzipped at the heel, stuffed with bricks, then zipped back up.

Time passed as I rested.

Oh crap.

My eyes can’t stay open.

Narcoleptic nap time tsunami is about to overtake me.

I knew Leyton wouldn’t last more than 20 minutes in his room - short attention spans make it difficult. So I yelled for him to grab his books and head to my room. Time to hunker down for a while. For who knows how long...

Multiple sclerosis can be like this. It’s like when you check the mail everyday, and every day you get the regular mail, but then you get a random shipment of 50 gallons of fresh cold milk and suddenly your only job is to find a way to take care of that milk so it doesn’t get wasted. There’s no room in your fridge. You hope people around can help, but maybe there’s no one there and you’re trapped in a mound of cold milk that’s getting harder and harder to deal with.

I hadn’t talked to Leyton about my MS yet, but with him being in quarantine, I knew that hiding it from him would be harder, especially since Mommy’s fatigue is the reason his schedule would have to change unpredictably some days.

Then I found this beautiful story...

It’s called Some Days We, and it’s a gorgeously illustrated explanation for why some days Leyton’s Mommy can’t do all the things other mommies can do sometimes. Written by Julie Stamm, an accidental new friend, based on her own experiences with MS, who so kindly wrote a personalized note to Leyton and sent us a copy herself.

It’s so hard to find resources that feel like they were custom made for you, and this is one I feel so lucky to have found. If you’re a parent with health problems or know someone who is, this is a beautiful gift to bring some empathy and understanding into the home. I highly recommend this to everyone❤.

Order your copy today here!



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